Crank Case formed back in 2006 when Shawn Hamilton had been doing some recording and digging up some old ideas. Shawn brought in Jim Lamanna on drums to work on some of the earlier tunes that were written and the root was started when Chris and former bassist Roger Cantu were brought back in to work up a set. "We worked up a pretty tight set of original tunes along with some covers we liked and set out to book a live show". We played our first show and the live bug was great. It wasn't long after this show when Jim was forced to part ways and move back to Ohio. This left Shawn on drums for some time. "I loved playing drums but I knew it would never go over live so I set out to find a full time drummer. Marc Anthony was referred and soon joined the line up and we were off running again doing numerous live shows at numerous clubs in the Houston as well as two spots at the "Rock The Bayou" 3 day music festival at which Crank Case was the highest ticket selling regional act. After a couple of years with Marc, the creative work seemed to be at a dead end. "I received a call one day from a drummer Greg Loyacano who was playing with Asphalt Junkies at the time and he asked if we were looking for someone and I jumped at the chance." Greg joined up and the new songs have been flowing out. Greg is also a masterful recording engineer. He has released 2 solo cd's of his own tunes in which all proceeds go to the March of Dimes. Greg has recorded all of the new Crank Case material up to date and currently just working production of their 5th release due out early 2019. 
 Crank Case  released an all cover song CD titled "Under the Covers" which is a tribute to some of the bands that influenced them over the years. It features guest vocal appearances by Ash Kay of The Freakouts and Jim Lamanna who helps with backing vocals for most of Crank Case live performances. As of June 2019- Crank Case has finished their new cd Run you Down, and have chosen Owen Cowan as a replacement for the recently vacated bass position. We are excited about some new opportunities coming soon so keep an eye for our upcoming events!

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